How to Create a Bionicle Warior?

Answer Ever had a frustrating time getting the knobs in place, and when finished, your Bionicle creation is only 7" tall with no stability? Here you'll hear some tips from the topic you're waiting for. Th... Read More »

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What is bionicle?

Bionicle is a science fantasy LEGO toy launched in December 1999. Bionicles are half organic and half machine creatures that live in underground domes. As of winter 2010 LEGO will create no more Bi... Read More »

How to Build a Bionicle?

If you want to learn how to build a LEGO® BIONICLE you have come to the right place!Bionicles are toys from Denmark. They are for kids 6+.

How to Build a Bionicle Centaur?

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Instructions for Bionicle Turaga Nui?

In the LEGO "Bionicle" universe, the world of Mata Nui is guarded mostly by the Toa, but it is governed by the Turaga, six small, masked elders with a unique ability: When called upon, the six can ... Read More »