How to Create Your Own Wristbands Cheaply?

Answer From summer camp to birthday parties as a child and supporting a cause to groovy gifts as an adult, wristbands never cease to please. They come in many shapes and sizes as well as for different pur... Read More »

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How to create a photo poster online cheaply?

Hi! You can try make your posters on There is an application for poster customization.

How to Make Gothic Wristbands?

The Gothic subculture is all about expressing yourself, and by customising your own wristbands, you can be sure that nobody else will look as great as you do!

Instructions for Antistatic Wristbands?

The slightest static electricity can ruin some computer components. An antistatic wristband fits on your wrist and has a long cord with a wire inside and an alligator clip on the opposite end. When... Read More »

How do I sneak into a festival with scanner wristbands?

From what I gathered you are better off waiting until the person doing the scanning switch shifts and do 'the friend bring me out another friend's band.'If you run into the same person that scanned... Read More »