How to Create Your Own Vinyl Shower Curtain?

Answer Some people like absolutely everything in their bathrooms to match perfectly. When decorators have ideas in their heads about what they want a bathroom to look like, sometimes actually executing th... Read More »

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How to Fix a Torn Hole in Your Vinyl Shower Curtain with Clear Vinyl Tape?

If your vinyl shower curtain is still good but one of the holes for the shower curtain hooks is torn, here's a very easy fix.

How do I get the wrinkles out of a vinyl shower curtain?

In the BathroomHang the shower curtain as directed. Start a hot shower. Allow the steam to release the wrinkles. Spray the wrinkles directly to remove them faster. The same process can be completed... Read More »

How to Wash a Vinyl Shower Curtain?

No matter how clean you are, your shower curtain will accumulate grime and mold over time from water and dirt. Pick a clear day outside for this cleaning project. Warm days will work the best to he... Read More »

How Do I Wash a Vinyl Shower Curtain?

Remove the shower curtain from the rings.Set your washing machine to the gentle setting, add detergent and 1/2 cup chlorine bleach, and fill with cold water. Place a few towels that can handle chlo... Read More »