How to Create Your Own Vanity?

Answer An average vanity can be very pricy. This will help you make your own.Ever walk into a store and see the perfect vanity, only to find out it is too pricey or sold out? This guide will show you exac... Read More »

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How to Create a Vanity Plate?

Along with decorations and bumper stickers, a fun way to show your personality on your car is with a custom vanity plate. Perhaps you want your last name or the name of your business on your licens... Read More »

How to Resurface a Vanity?

Tiling a vanity is the same general process as tiling a countertop, except that vanities almost always have installed sinks. This complicates the tiling process, because you have to cut around the ... Read More »

How do I clean this vanity?

Do u know a cleaner called Vim? I use it everywhere and it cleans wonderfully!

Vanity Styles?

While a bathroom is a functional space, its style and design may still be a concern for homeowners. Besides the shower and tub, one of the largest features of a bathroom is usually the vanity. As a... Read More »