How to Create Your Own Treasure Hunting Gang?

Answer Do you want to be a treasure hunter with your friends? Here is how.

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How to Create a Treasure Map?

Traditionally, treasure maps are old, weathered pieces of paper with visual directions, landmarks, mysterious place names and written clues. They can be used for kids' parties, school activities, s... Read More »

In Treasure Island who truly has the right to the treasure and why?

Assuming you mean "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, the treasure was put there by Captain Flint and his men. Flint being dead, it belongs to the crew. But, the treasure wasn't their pr... Read More »

Your brother told your sister in law that the gang was going down to their son what should she do?

The English language has no special term for the wife of your husband's cousin. She is not considered to be related to her. Just call her by her name.

How to Run Your Own Gang (for Kids)?

This article will teach you how to create your own gang for fun.