How to Create Your Own G3 iPhone Case?

Answer Because it has almost no moving internal parts, the iPhone is proving to be quite rugged and durable. Protecting its glass screen and shiny casing is a consideration when carrying the iPhone in a b... Read More »

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What iPhone case has a warranty that if the iPhone breaks they will replace the iPhone?

None that is currently on the market. You should have your phone insured through either home content insurance or specific mobile phone insurance.

Where can you get a pear shaped case for your iphone 4?

not all of the cpw estate is open on a Sunday but generally they will shut at 4pm. you can always either check the web - or ring customer services on 0870 0870 168

What is the best type of case you should get for your iPhone 4s?

How long does it take to receive your ifrogz iPhone 3G case?

Not to be annoying, but you need to check your grammar with these questions.I am guessing that you are wondering when plugging your phone into the computer, will it be connected to the Internet?You... Read More »