How to Create Your Fighting Style?

Answer Have you ever wanted to practice a martial art, but it was too out of your grasp? Do you want to create a fighting style of your own? This excellent guide will show you how.

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How to Discover Your Fighting Style?

Some types of fighting come easier to some people than others. If you're wondering how you would defend yourself, you must learn about yourself.

How to Choose a Sword Based Fighting Style?

If you are considering learning to swordfight the most important aspect of it is choosing the correct discipline, your chosen discipline should be naturally suited to you.

How to Create Realistic 'After Fighting' Bloodstains and Dirt?

A simple hands-on project to help you look a bloody mess, without the actual fighting.

How does guerrilla fighting differ from combat fighting?

They're both the same. It's just weaker enemy's employ guerrilla TACTICS because they're not strong enough to fight conventionally. Many different examples have been given in the past, so here's a ... Read More »