How to Create "Weep Holes" in a Retaining Wall?

Answer If your garden lacks proper drainage your plant roots will get waterlogged and the plants may die. Here's how to create "weep holes" in your retaining wall to allow for needed drainage. The drainag... Read More »

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What is the best kind of retaining wall for a very sloped yard We want to extend our back yard and use a 9 foot tall retaining wall and fill in with dirt Need some help with the best kind?

AnswerFirst get in touch with you local BUILDING OFFICIAL. They will probably have some questions as to what you are doing and why. There may be some restrictions in your area as to height of reten... Read More »

How to Keep Weep Holes Unplugged in the Shower?

Weep holes give moisture that permeates grout and tile in your shower a path to enter the drain. Without them, the moisture becomes trapped and causes the decay of building material or the growth ... Read More »

How to Add Gravel to Shower Weep Holes?

Weep holes, built into shower drains, protect your shower against water leaks in the floor. In a tiled shower, the shower water can penetrate the tiles or the grout between them. Once water gets be... Read More »

Are weep holes needed for stone veneer?

Yes, weep holes should be made for stone veneers, as they provide a drainage system for water that may get trapped around the flashing and potentially cause damage. Weep holes can be formed using s... Read More »