How to Create Unique Names for States Towns People Etc?

Answer Everyone knows what it feels like not knowing what name to choose for their town or a character in a story. You already know a "Sarah" and "Tony" and "Detroit" is an unoriginal name for a city. But... Read More »

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Why I can't see names of Bulgarian cities and towns in google map?

It is a short coming of the maps used to make the site. Bulgaria and the adjoining Serbia have very little detail. There might be satellite details, but that doesn't always translate to good maps.

Just for fun, create a name for a rock band using the names of people in R&P?

The Lemony Peaches(Lemony Lickit+Killer Peaches)The Electric Eel Reckoning(The Reckoning+Electric Eel)Dive Into A Holy River Of Ale(Dive Into A Holy River+Ale)Silver Rose Rckets(Siver Rose Wolf+Rck... Read More »

How did the towns of Beaver Lick and Big Bone Lick in Montana USA get their names?

Anuk Creek, in Manitoba..."Moose Shitz Creek" sans paddle...Don't forget Larry Bird's hometown, French Lick Indiana...The very best in America...To Hell You Ride, Colorado...

Name {x] children with these UNIQUE names?

Alice Ezri (Ali)Zaada Rose (Ada)Isabella Sapphire (Bella)Analise Jane (Ana)Charlotte Rubiana (Lottie)Sophia Esma (Fia)Kane Jonah (Kay)Alexander Elias (Zan)Zayn Samson (Zay)Jacob Carlisle (Jay)Josep... Read More »