How to Create Two Columns Using Div?

Answer Web design is a challenging, yet rewarding craft. Proficient Web design centers around effectively using HTML and CSS to bring your design visions to life. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to ... Read More »

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How to Create a Template for a Page With Two Columns Using Writer?

Dummy text from Lipsum.comIf you find yourself making a newsletter or anything with the need of two columns, you will probably want to make a template so that it can retain a common look. Consisten... Read More »

How do I create columns in Word?

Microsoft Word 2003Highlight the text you want to convert into columns with your mouse if you've already started typing.Click and hold on the "Columns" button on the toolbar. (It's square and looks... Read More »

How do I create columns in Kompozer?

A Quick TableClick on "Table" in the toolbar. Click on "Insert". You will see three options of "Quickly," "Precisely" and "Cell." Choose "Quickly" and drag the blue squares with your mouse to defin... Read More »

How do I create columns in OpenOffice?

Creating ColumnsClick anywhere in the OpenOffice document, if you want to apply a column style to the entire document or highlight just the text you want in columns. Select the "Format" menu and cl... Read More »