How to Create Tousled Curls?

Answer Tousled curls for some represent a return to the carefree days of childhood, when hair was naturally curly and rarely combed or brushed. For those with limp, thin, flat hair, curls of any type may ... Read More »

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Hairstyles With Tousled Curls?

Creating the perfect curls is the first step in creating a beautiful hairstyle. After you have the curls, you can easily style your hair in a variety of ways. Hairdos with tousled curls are suitabl... Read More »

How to Create Everyday Tousled Waves on Dry Hair?

Loose, tousled waves have a look that appears effortless. While some women have natural waves that are easy to maneuver into tousled shape, other women have to work at their locks to coax them into... Read More »

How to Create Rag Curls?

If you're looking for a different and interesting hairstyle that isn't bad for your hair like perms, color, and curling appliances, you should try rag curls. They're simple, doesn't take that long,... Read More »

How to Create Pin Curls?

Pin curls are a great way to get a long lasting set of curls. Pin curls have been around since at least the 1920's and used to be called "spit curls" because saliva was used to dampen hair. You don... Read More »