How to Create Tables and Graphs?

Answer Tables and graphs are often used together as visual aids to display data. Scientists and researchers use data to provide evidence or validate an argument. For students, learning how to draw and use... Read More »

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How to Create Graphs in the Classroom?

You can make a "favorites" graph about the things that the students in your classroom like best by giving the class a survey, then posting the information onto a large poster board graph. You can a... Read More »

How do I create axis bar graphs in Excel?

Excel bar graphs (also called “charts”) are excellent visual aids for comparing values from an “x axis” to a “y axis.” After entering the data that you want to compare on a worksheet, ... Read More »

How to Create Graphs in Excel with Multiple Columns?

Spreadsheets are a way of arranging and analyzing numerical data. Once the raw data has been organized, it can be turned into charts with a few clicks. A graph can summarize large amounts of inform... Read More »

How to Create Tables on a Job Resume?

No matter what you do for a living or what type of job you seek, a quality resume is key to your success. In order to be effective, your resume must be user friendly and easy to read. Adding tables... Read More »