How to Create Symbols on Your PC?

Answer A how to on create special symbols. ALT Codes are special characters such as ¿ © « ¤. Because your keyboard doesn't have all the keys it needs, you use the ALT key and your number pad. Don't u... Read More »

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How Do You Create Those Cute Symbols?

alt1 ☺alt2 ☻alt3 ♥alt4 ♦alt5 ♣alt6 â™ alt7 •alt8 â—˜alt9 â—‹alt10 â—™ alt11 ♂alt12 ♀alt13 ♪alt14 ♫ alt15 ☼alt16 â–ºalt17 â—„alt18 ↕alt19 ‼alt20 ¶alt21 §alt22 â–¬alt23 â†... Read More »

How to Create Button Symbols in CS5?

Adobe Illustrator CS5 has a symbol library that includes many buttons of images and art that you can insert on your document page. If you want to create button symbols that are not already included... Read More »

How to Create Chemical Reaction Symbols?

Chemists use equations to describe reactions. These equations don't give you the mechanism of the reaction, but they do show you the reactants and the products. In other words, they don't tell you ... Read More »

How to Create a Fish Using Keyboard Symbols?

When you are done, you may be be able to make a fish.