How to Create Surveys for Middle School Students?

Answer Surveys can be a good way to gauge interest in a topic. But a questionnaire for middle school students may require a more non-traditional route of delivery, such as online, to keep the younger mind... Read More »

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Challenges of Middle School Students?

For many middle school students, school is about everything except academics. Students become socially and emotionally focused and academics, while still important to some students, take a backseat... Read More »

How to Teach Middle School Students?

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Brain Activities for Middle School Students?

We all know it is important to keep our brains in top shape all the time. Sometimes middle school students need a fresh way to exercise their brains. Every year, Brain Awareness Week is celebrated ... Read More »

Fall Art Ideas for Middle School Students?

Middle school students are ready to take on increasingly complex art projects -- and to give those projects their own stamp of individuality. The fall season is marked by the brilliant colors of fo... Read More »