How to Create Substitute Pouches for Marsupial Rescue?

Answer When mum's pouch has gone, human carers need to make substitutes.When you're caring for marsupials as part of an authorised or emergency rescue activity, recreating the pouch for joeys (or baby mar... Read More »

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List of Marsupial Mammals?

Around 250 marsupial species are known to exist. A marsupial is a mammal that carries its young in a pouch, called a "marsupium," although a few species do not have a pouch. The mother gives birth ... Read More »

List of Marsupial Animals?

Marsupials are often associated with Australia where most of the species are found, including the most well-known, the kangaroo. However, not all 334 species of the pouched mammal are found on this... Read More »