How to Create Shapes in Adobe Illustrator?

Answer In the old days you'd have to whip out your compass or protractor to create a perfect circle. And you'd need a T-square and a drafting triangle for anything with hard edges. Thank goodness those da... Read More »

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How do you draw curved shapes in Adobe Illustrator CS?

Draw Curved PathsIf you want to add some curves to a path, begin creating a path as if you were creating a straight path with the Pen tool. (Click to place your first anchor point.) Next, click and... Read More »

How to Create an S in Adobe Illustrator?

Interested in knowing how fonts or letters can be vectorized? Follow this tutorial and learn two ways to transform the letter “S” to a vector shape.

How to Create an Arrow on Adobe Illustrator?

Making an arrow in Adobe Illustrator is easy. Just follow these simple steps, and you'll have yourself an arrow to use.

How to Create a New Layer in Adobe Illustrator?

Working with a graphic design project isn't always easy. There are a lot of elements to keep track of, and a lot of changes you may want to make. By keeping elements on separate layers, you can mov... Read More »