How to Create Ringlets Without a Curling Iron?

Answer Spiral ringlets are a beautiful way to create soft, feminine hairstyles. The process also helps to smooth frizzy hair and tame out of control curls. Blow-drying the hair completely and then using a... Read More »

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How Do I Make Ringlets With a Curling Iron?

There's nothing more fun than a head full of ringlet curls. With a simple curling iron it is a simple style to create on your own or with the help of a friend. Whether the style is for a wedding, s... Read More »

How to Make Beautiful Ringlets With a Curling Iron?

Creating ringlets with a curling iron is an excellent way to add texture to flat, dull hair or to give yourself a fresh new look. While the look of the ringlets will vary depending on hair type and... Read More »

How to Create Volume With a Curling Iron?

Hair volume is determined by how thick your hair is—the more hairs you have per square inch on your scalp, the more voluminous your hair is. Unfortunately, if you have thin hair, achieving volume... Read More »

How to Use a Curling Iron to Create Waves?

Wavy hair is a carefree, sexy hairstyle that takes little time or effort to attain. Waves look great on a variety of hair types and lengths, making it a very popular hairstyle. While there are many... Read More »