How to Create Question & Answer Printables?

Answer Worksheets can be found on the Internet for a variety topics and lessons. Books and magazines are also available with questionnaires that can be scanned and printed for classroom use. However, oft... Read More »

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How to Create Printables for Classroom Economy?

Many teachers try to motivate students to behave properly and teach them the basics of finance simultaneously by creating a classroom economy. In a classroom economy, or token economy as it is some... Read More »

Very important question plz everyone answer! I'll choose the best answer ;)?

-Black or White Trousers-Plain Grey Tank Top-Black Blazer-Neutral-Colored Clutch-(for a pop of color) Red Platform SandalsAccessories and Makeup-Neutral-Colored Chunky NecklaceKeep the makeup plain... Read More »

Important question please answer BEST ANSWER FULL POINTS!?

don't be afraid to smile but if you really don't want to just smile without showing your teeth,as for your hair it should be worn down but out of your face like a half up half down kinda thingyou c... Read More »

Vegetrian advice "i'll answer your question, if you answer mine"?

Yes fish is considered meat. Basically if you eat fish, but no other meat you are a pescatarian. A vegetarian may be lacto-ovo, ovo, or lacto. Lacto means they consume dairy products while ovo refe... Read More »