How to Create Pointers in C?

Answer Pointers are the nightmare of every new C programmer. However, they are also the feature that made C the widespread, powerful programming language it is until today. Like many other programming fea... Read More »

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How to Use Pointers in Vb?

Visual Basic (VB) provides an easy-to-learn language for web or desktop developers. Pointers are common variables in any language. A pointer "points" to a memory address location for a variable. Th... Read More »

Types of Hip Pointers?

Those who play contact or extreme sports are probably no strangers to hip pointers. Although often associated with physical sports, hip pointers can occur after a fall or bump where impact is focus... Read More »

How to Initialize Pointers?

Pointers are a tool used by programmers to efficiently use system resources. Using a pointer "points" the program at a memory location that contains the data you want to work with; this prevents un... Read More »

How to Use File Pointers in PHP?

The PHP server-side scripting language enables you to build dynamic websites. Some PHP processes work solely for writing or reading server files, where file pointers play an integral part. The loca... Read More »