How to Create Mirrored Disco Balls?

Answer A dance party without a mirrored disco ball could just be another boring, uneventful evening. However, purchasing one of these balls can be a pricey endeavor. Make this homemade disco ball using cr... Read More »

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Applying body glitter when visiting the Ob/Gyn: Lightens the mood or a distraction like a mirrored disco ball?

Once again I will have to totally disagree with a fellow Yahooer's opinion (in this case aurum.)I feel that the only fun and acceptable time do this is around Christmas time.To be honest my Ob/ Gyn... Read More »

Pinata Ideas With Disco Balls?

Disco ball pinatas add pizazz and spicy flavor to any party. Host a pre-party decorations party and spend an afternoon or evening crafting these paper-mache balls. Once you've decided on a general ... Read More »

What song was playing when Disco Stu was dancing in Disco heaven during the simpsons episode praiseland?

How to Create the Solar System Without Styrofoam Balls?

You can create a solar system without using Styrofoam balls for a project. Although foam balls are convenient for making a solar system, you may not have access to this material. Instead, gather it... Read More »