How to Create Miis That Look Like People You Know?

Answer Have you ever wanted to see yourself and people you know in video games? This is possible with the Mii channel on the Nintendo Wii, but the range of expressions are a little limited. This article w... Read More »

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How to Download Miis?

A Mii is a character that a gamer uses to play Wii games. While Wii users can make their own Mii charactes, they also may download the Miis that others created. You can find thousands of Miis which... Read More »

How to Customize Miis?

The Nintendo Wii is a video game console that allows users to create digital avatars known as "Miis." Miis are used in different ways by different Wii games; for certain games such as Wii Sports, t... Read More »

Do people who create anti-virus software in their day job create viruses in their evening job?

I can't give sources but yes this is how it used to work at the start, classic fud.However for a few years it has also been policy of the security industry to employ writers once they have been bus... Read More »

How to Get Lots of Streetpass Miis?

Have you ever wanted to get loads of Miis in your streetpass Mii plaza? Just follow this guide for tips, hot spots and other things to help you on your quest!