How to Create MKV Files With AC3 From HD TS Files?

Answer The MKV (Matroska Video) format is an audio/video container format that allows users to store audio, video and subtitles in a single file. And while the MKV format doesn't have media compression it... Read More »

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What are these files that end with .EXE Can we delete all files ending with .exe to save hard disk space?

.exe file are executionable files - they are the ones that run your programs. If you delete these, none of your programs will work. All files relate to a program - if you don't know what it is, l... Read More »

How to Download MP3 Files From Your Temporary Internet Files to Sansa?

Music that was downloaded to the temporary Internet folder on your computer can be transferred to your Sansa portable media player through Finder on your Macintosh computer or through Windows Explo... Read More »

How to Create Ringtones From MP3 files?

Learning how to create your own ringtone from an MP3 file is easier than you think. Using is one of the easiest ways to turning your mp3 file music into a ringtone. On, th... Read More »

How do I convert dvd files to avi files with Adobe Premiere 8?

Preparing FilesChange your VOB DVD files to MPEG files because Adobe Premiere 8 cannot import VOB files directly. Right click on the file, click "Rename" and place ".MPG" at the end of the file to ... Read More »