How to Create Learning Games?

Answer While lectures certainly have their place in education, for a child, they can quickly become boring and lead to disinterest, which affects the child's comprehension of the subject being taught. Use... Read More »

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Learning Games to Improve Memories of Learning-Disabled Students?

Students with learning disabilities sometimes have poor auditory and visual memory skills. This has an impact on their ability to learn. Auditory memory is vital to learning the two skills necessar... Read More »

ABC Learning Games?

Learning the ABCs is an exciting time for a young child, and is most effective when you turn the lessons into alphabet games. An ABC learning game creates interest and keeps kids stimulated. You wa... Read More »

Learning Games for K-1?

When teaching young children math, reading and writing skills, incorporate learning games into your lessons. Games allow young learners to get both excited about the material and interested in lear... Read More »

Games for Learning Art?

Art is an important subject for young students to study as it teaches them to explore their imaginations and express their feeling in a constructive way. Teaching art to young students can be a fun... Read More »