How to Create Larger Eyes?

Answer For a woman, having large, alluring eyes is viewed as an attractive asset. Evolutionary theorists claim that large eyes are a feminine virtue that can help land a mate. Larger eyes provide a more y... Read More »

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How do I make the print on my computer larger my eyes are getting bad and I need larger print?

How to make my eyes appear larger?

I think they look absolutely fine! I kinda find almond-shaped eyes hot, but if you're not satisfied with that, you can try these two suggestions, almost all using some kind of makeup. Plastic surge... Read More »

How to Make Eyes Appear Larger with Eyeliner?

The “eyes are the mirror of the soul” or so some wise poet once said. But for women, especially, the eyes are of great importance. Particularly when attempting to make them up, and especially i... Read More »

How to Make Your Eyes Larger With Makeup?

There are many techniques woman use for making their eyes larger in size. Here are some simple steps this author has put together to help you understand making your eyes larger with makeup.