How to Create Floats?

Answer Floats are a classic dessert involving ice cream and soda. Any type of soda can be used for floats; choose your favorite for a yummy flavor you enjoy. They can be created using root beer, fruit-fla... Read More »

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How to Set Floats on a Holley 650?

Adjusting the float level on a Holley carburetor changes the level of the fuel in the float bowl and affects both the power and efficiency of a vehicle. As the demand for fuel increases, the floats... Read More »

Pineapple floats anyone?

If you just Google "disney pineapple float recipe" you can make one yourself.

How to Use Styrofoam for Dock Floats?

The two most common methods of constructing floating docks use either empty 55 gallon metal storage barrels or large sections of Styrofoam. Styrofoam is more versatile and therefore the preferred c... Read More »

How to Adjust Carburetor Floats?

Your vehicles carburetor float is a vital part of the fuel system. It is the gauge which tells your carburetor how much fuel it needs and when it needs it. As you depress the gas pedal, fuel is suc... Read More »