How to Create Double Stitch in Tatting?

Answer Double stitch is the basic stitch of tatting. Please read Begin Tatting and Use a Tatting Shuttle if you are a beginner.

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How to Create a Chain in Tatting?

Some tatting designs contain chains besides rings and picots. Chains are an important part of basic tatting knowledge. When rings and chains appear in the same design, it is necessary to use two wo... Read More »

How to Stitch a Double Hem?

A double hem encloses the raw edge and makes a durable basic hem suitable for children's clothes, aprons and simple garments. A double hem works well on trousers and any tops with straight hems. Th... Read More »

How to Stitch a Double Herringbone on a Back Pocket?

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How Do You Make a Long Double Crochet Stitch in Crocheting?

The long double crochet stitch, also called the teardrop stitch, is worked exactly like a regular double crochet, with one important exception. Instead of inserting your crochet hook into the next ... Read More »