How to Create Disclosure Statements for a Franchise?

Answer The sales offer of a franchise requires that a regulatory document called a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) or Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) be provided to the potential franchisee... Read More »

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How to Create Personal Financial Statements for Business Owners?

Personal financial statements are a set of 2 documents that display what you own, owe, spend and net in annual income derived from your business. The documents are a balance sheet and an income sta... Read More »

How to Forecast Financial Statements Using the Forecasted Financial Statements Approach?

Most people remember hearing the story about a genie in a bottle as a child. This genie offers the finder of the magic lamp three wishes. For the investment analyst, one of those three wishes would... Read More »

What Is Non-Disclosure Law in Colorado?

In the state of Colorado, laws exist to prevent the disclosure of confidential information. Non-disclosure laws apply to information concerning the birth parents of adopted children, email communic... Read More »

Information on a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Many companies require new employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon hiring. A non-disclosure agreement helps keep confidential information safe from outside competitors within the same mar... Read More »