How to Create Different Hairstyles With an Afro?

Answer Although Afro hair is often labeled as being brittle and unmanageable, following proper care techniques can put these negative associations to rest. Afro hair is soft, lustrous and naturally coiled... Read More »

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How to Create a 70s Afro With Long Hair?

If you are attending a 70s themed birthday party or want to dress as a disco diva for Halloween, you'll need tips to create a thick and lush afro. For women with long hair, there's no need to panic... Read More »

How to Create an Afro Puff With African American Hair?

The Afro puff is an alternate take on the Afro. It is a style typically worn by African American women, but also Latin women as well. It is an updated, sleeker Afro style that allows you to be soph... Read More »

Afro Hairstyles for Men?

The Afro hairstyle finds its origins in the 1960s and '70s, and is a popular hairstyle choice of African American men to this day. An Afro accentuates the curly nature of the hair of African Americ... Read More »

Afro Hairstyles of the 70s?

The Afro, also known as a "natural," was a cultural hairstyle introduced by the African American community in the 1960s and remained trendy throughout the 70s. Prior to the introduction of the "nat... Read More »