How to Create Conditions for Change?

Answer Are you frustrated with your group or an organization? Do you have the courage to change -- in order to become an advocate for systemic change in your setting? Consider becoming an advocate for cha... Read More »

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How to Create the Conditions for a Successful Business Lunch?

Business lunches are commonplace, and they're an accepted means for doing some deals. However, they're also in public, often noisy, and can be rather distracting. Creating good conditions for a suc... Read More »

Which of the following terms best describe congential disorders choose 2 a Conditions that are present at birth b Non-infectious diseases c Conditions that can be hereditary or genetic d?

How to Change a Discharge From Under-Honorable Conditions to Honorable?

When you leave the military either by choice or by force you will receive a discharge. The military currently has five different discharges. Your eligibility for veteran benefits depends on the typ... Read More »

How to Create a Career Change Resume?

A career change resume helps you find a job in a field different from the one that you were previously working in. People change their jobs due to the economy, burn out, companies cutting back on ... Read More »