How to Create Clouds in After Effects?

Answer Animated clouds can add depth and movement to animated projects in Adobe After Effects. Whether you are creating a full movie, want to add special effects or use clouds to form a logo, the "trapcod... Read More »

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How do I create clouds in Photoshop?

Pick ColorsSet your foreground and background colors in the tool palette on the left side of the screen. Click on the foreground swatch and select white from the Color Picker window. Click on the b... Read More »

How to Create Clouds Using Gimp?

A completed Gimp cloudClouds are a fairly easy and relaxing way to get to know how to use Gimp. This article will show you how to do it using a few of the tools available in Gimp.

How to Create Clouds in Photoshop?

Learn how to create clouds the easiest way by following this tutorial on Photoshop.

What Type of Clouds Are Rain Clouds?

Almost everyone watches clouds. Clouds are among the most fascinating of all weather phenomenon. They are formed through the process of condensation when water vapor rises into the atmosphere where... Read More »