How to Create Charcloth?

Answer Having trouble creating a fire via flint and steel? Use Charcloth to make the process a lot easier.

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How to Create a Puzzle by Jumbling Letters to Create New Words?

Words rearranged to make other words are known as anagrams, and they can make for fun and sometimes devilishly difficult word puzzles. Some anagrams contain their own clues, making meaningful phras... Read More »

Do people who create anti-virus software in their day job create viruses in their evening job?

I can't give sources but yes this is how it used to work at the start, classic fud.However for a few years it has also been policy of the security industry to employ writers once they have been bus... Read More »

How to Create a Key for a Car?

You can create a new key for your car in two ways. You can copy the original or go to a dealership or locksmith if you have a key that is "chipped"--a security feature designed to prevent theft. A ... Read More »

How do I create an SSL key?

Creating an SSL KeyCreate an SSL key download and install open ssl and issue the following command:openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.key 1024Enter a pass-phrase of your choosing in response to the p... Read More »