How to Create Cabinet Files in Windows XP?

Answer Have you ever seen those .CAB files on software CDs or with programs you download? They store the files that are to be installed. Have you ever wanted to create one of these files? Follow these ins... Read More »

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How to Create PDF Files from Any Windows Application?

Not many people know this, but a PDF file is a slightly converted form of PostScript, which Windows already knows how to create. The final step is turning your postscript into a PDF. In the last co... Read More »

How to Transfer WMA Files to MP3 Files in Windows Media Player?

Since Windows Media Player cannot directly convert a WMA to an MP3 file, a roundabout process must be taken to complete this task. In order to transfer a WMA file into a MP3 file, you must first bu... Read More »

What can I use to create an intercooler for my entertainment center cabinet?

There are a few things you should consider: (1) move your audio receiver out of your cabinet, away from the other components (or at least move it to the top of your cabinet if you haven't already d... Read More »

What tool is needed to create a Win32 cabinet self extractor?

A Win32 cabinet self-extracting file (.cab) is a compressed data file that can be opened on any Windows 32-bit operating system. CabPack 1.4 by Brothersoft is a free program that allows you to crea... Read More »