How to Create Business Letter White Space?

Answer You can write many different types of business letters during your working years. You might be selling a product, inquiring about a job or writing other business correspondence. No matter what type... Read More »

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I have 23 % space left on disk C. What can I do to create more space?

Delete and remove programs you no longer use, go to your C properties file and do a disc compression. Whatever you can use to store in a CD-RW, use that instead of your harddrive. You can get an ex... Read More »

What is a business letter?

A business letter is a formal print form of communication sent to external readers. It is often used to preface reports and proposals. Business letters follow a few specific formats and should be ... Read More »

How to Draft a Business Letter?

Drafting a business letter in the correct format is important for portraying a professional image. Everything from including the date, the salutation, content of the letter and your signature shoul... Read More »

How do i fold a business letter?

Prepare pieces of paper for a standard (No. 10) envelope by folding the letter in thirds. Bring the bottom section in first so it's resting on the middle third and is covered by the top third.Fold ... Read More »