How to Create Blond Highlights?

Answer Highlights add excitement and movement to flat hair, creating variation in the color and softening the lines of your face. Depending upon your hair’s natural color and texture, you can create blo... Read More »

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What is best to get blond bottom layers or blond highlights?

Depending on your over all hair color if its a dark color like black maybe highlights but if your over all hair color is brown then you can try the bottom layers blonde . Or you can dye your bang ... Read More »

How to Correct Ash Blond Highlights?

Getting ash blond highlights can add both shine and dimension to hair color. If the highlights are not properly cared for, they can easily turn brassy, yellow or orange. This could be the effect of... Read More »

How to Get Beautiful Blond Highlights?

According to P&G Beauty and Grooming, London chemist E.H. Thiellay and Parisian hairdresser Leon Hugot discovered the lightening affects hydrogen peroxide has on hair in 1867. Now, at least 88 perc... Read More »

How to Bring out Natural Red and Blond Highlights?

Bringing out the natural red or blond highlights in your hair without chemicals can be done by a few different methods. You may have to experiment a bit or perhaps do several applications to see wh... Read More »