How to Create Bantu Knots in Hair?

Answer Bantu knots are a braids or twists that are wrapped into a ball and lay near the scalp. They are also known as Zulu knots, and are a popular hairstyle among African Americans. Bantu knots can be ap... Read More »

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How to Style Hair With Bantu Knots?

Bantu knots are a hairstyle designed for hair of African descent. The only thing you have to do to get your Bantu knots is decide how large you want knots to be, and then twist your hair until you ... Read More »

How to Make Bantu Knots in African Hair?

Bantu knots, also known as Zulu knots, are small, twisted and coiled sections of hair. African hair can be conditioned with natural shea butter prior to styling, as it will help to tame unruly, fri... Read More »

How to Lock With Bantu Knots?

Many people, women especially, form their mature dreadlocks into Bantu knots as a styling option. The style is a neat option that protects hair ends from the elements. Bantu knots are functional du... Read More »

How to Do a Bantu Knot-Out on Short Hair?

Bantu knots have become a common styling choice for people with thick, curly or coarse hair. They provide instant hair protection by keeping the hair ends neatly tucked under the knot. Taking out a... Read More »