How to Create Apostolic Hairstyles?

Answer An apostolic hairstyle is one that's associated with the Pentecostal religion. Typically, orthodox women of the Pentecostal faith don't cut or even trim their hair, instead growing it as long as p... Read More »

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Apostolic Bible Colleges?

Apostolic Bible colleges base their theology on the New Testament teachings of Jesus with a focus on evangelism, or spreading the message of Jesus and the apostles to non-Christians. The schools ar... Read More »

Apostolic Pentecostal Colleges?

Apostolic Pentecostalism is a denomination of churches that is conservative in its approach to Biblical doctrine and lifestyle. If you are a student wishing to receive training in theology and mini... Read More »

How did the the apostolic church get its name?

The phrase "apostolic church" has two primary meanings within Christianity. It's one of four official marks (characteristics) of the overall religion and the name of two individual denominations wi... Read More »

How to Create Hairstyles?

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