How to Create Alter Ego Photos With Photoshop?

Answer While many superheroes have alter egos, no real super strength or powers are required to create them. A bit of brainstorming on the alter ego's appearance and some tinkering around in Adobe Photosh... Read More »

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I'm trying to find a programme that allows you to alter photos?

Corel Draw Essentials 2 does it quite well, and it's available free.

How to Create an Alter Ego?

Different people have different ideas of what an alter ego is. This article assumes it's a person you create and relate to or strive to be like, after you have created this alter ego you day-dream ... Read More »

How to Create a Japanese Alter Ego?

Who are you?Konnichiwa! If you feel that you could use a little japan in your life, then this is the how-to for you!

Do I need to Photoshop my photos?

Most of the time I shoot RAW, so I need to use Photoshop to process most images - but it doesn't usually involve that much editing, just mainly little tweaks and converting from RAW into the format... Read More »