How to Create A banner in Youtube?

Answer Yes. You need to become a YouTube partner in order to do this. Or there is no other way. You searched YouTube fir "How to CREATE A banner in YouTube". Search How to get a banner on the top of a vid... Read More »

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How can I create my own Youtube banner?

hello my friendthis video explain step by step how you can creat your youtube banner: you luck

How do I create a YouTube background and banner?

use Paint.NET or GIMP or get the demoversion of photoshop.btw at a glance I thought "expensive" said "explosive"XD I was like WTF O_o???

How do i put a banner on my youtube?

To put a banner on your page you need to become a YouTube partner. You can apply for one on easily by filling out a form. They wont let you become one unless your popular and have tons ... Read More »

How do i change my banner in youtube?

You have to be a YouTube "Partner", which more or less means you are eithera film creator or director, an artist (musician, singer, actor/actress, comedian), a media company, an advertiser, a broad... Read More »