How to Crash Land a Remote Control Plane?

Answer You're flying your radio control airplane. Suddenly, the airplane becomes hard to control, starts acting erratically, and starts to get away from you. How do you recover from this situation and lan... Read More »

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Can remote control airplanes collect ice during flight and crash?

ANYthing can collect ice up that high. Best get a robot to climb out on the wingand scrape off the ice. (:D

How to Fly a Remote Control Plane?

Starting an RC planeFlying a radio controlled plane can be tricky. These steps will help you figure out the basics of RC flying.

Can you fly a remote control plane at night?

i think so because u can drive a remote control on night and it doesn't work of any think other then the remote it may be illegal though in some enclosed spaces as there's a danger u wont be able t... Read More »

Remote Control Plane Laws?

Radio-controlled planes, or RC planes, cannot take to the skies least not legally. In the United States, the laws vary from place to place, with some prohibiting RC planes within th... Read More »