How to Crank up Your Creativity?

Answer Creativity is cocooned inside every one of us. However, it can easily become buried under a pile of routine, professionalism, responsibility, and appearing to be "grown up"; or, it can be worn down... Read More »

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How to Jumpstart Your Creativity?

Many people get "Artist's block" and are unsure of what to paint or draw. Others, after having no time to practice their Art, wish they had more free time, when they finally get it, they are not in... Read More »

How to Discover Your Creativity?

Creativity is a gift that has the power to transform how people perceive the world. The major difference between creative people and less creative people, is not talent, it is persistence. Discover... Read More »

How to Exercise Your Creativity?

Trying to write a story? Poem? Costume designer? In almost everything that is art you have to be creative. Is your creative muscle lacking? Well here is a good exercise in creativity!

How to Find Your Creativity?

People define creativity in many different ways. For some it is a creating work of art, such as a painting or sculpture. To others, it is expressing themselves through dance or playing music. For ... Read More »