How to Crack the Bottom Part of Your Back?

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What causes the chest bone to crack (like when you crack your knuckles/back)?

my chest bone cracks sometimes too. it happens when i stay in the same position for a while and then when i move my arms (especially inwards) it cracks and is slightly painful. i have started going... Read More »

Lump on the bottom back part of my ear?

No, you cannot get a lump like this from sleeping on your ear wrong

Are there any natural remedies to heal a crack in your bottom?

ROFLMCrackOFF!!! hahaha is your crack bleeding? Perhaps you should see a doctor!! How big is this crack? Does it go from Asshole to breakfast time??? Oh you poor thing!!

Where can you get instructions on repairing a small crack in the bottom of your fiberglass boat?

Answer 1There are several websites that feature fix-it-yourself fiberglass boat repair. I know if I were to seek this information, I would start with my local Library first. Answer 2, Additional in... Read More »