How to Crack a "Master Lock" Combination Lock?

Answer If you do not know the combination to a Master Lock combination lock, you have a few options. If the lock isn't locked onto anything, look to see whether it has a serial number stamped on the back.... Read More »

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How do you crack a master lock?

Try this: Step 1: Set the lock dial to zero. Pull up on the loop of the lock and twist the dial until it stops. Write down the number it stops at. If the lock stops between two numbers, say 12 and ... Read More »

Master lock changing the combination?

my brother found my combination of the main block. I wanted to change the combination for a while, but could not know how I searched online. Can you tell me how to change the lock. Info: My Block 1... Read More »

How do you change the combination on a master lock?

i dont think you can is it the one with letters instead of numbers, if so, then put in your combo word, hold down button, put in new combo

How can i change the combination on my master lock?

The first answer is correct. That lock is not resettable. That is not even the actual Master Lock item number. The correct item number is 2074. Source(s):…