How to Cover up, Hide, or Fade a Tattoo?

Answer Tattoos are a great way to mark your independence as an adult and express yourself to the world. But, what do you do when you get a tattoo that you don't like, have an old one you just can't live ... Read More »

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How to fade a tattoo...?

The best at home ways to fade a tattoo are TCA peels. They work better than Wrecking Balm (a tattoo removal creme). There is also Dermasal and Nuviderm.…

What is the best way to fade an old tattoo?

The sun will help fade a tattoo faster, but it wont completely make it go away.

What Ingredients Will Fade Tattoo Ink?

There are many reasons for wanting to fade or remove a tattoo, but there aren't nearly as many methods for actually getting the job done. The most popular and most effective tattoo removal techniqu... Read More »

How Can I Make My Tattoo Fade?

Tattoos are a permanent investment. They are designed to last forever, and surgical removal takes several rounds of painful laser treatment. Since tattoos naturally degrade over time, some fading i... Read More »