How to Cover a Trailer With a Tarp?

Answer Tarps are designed to protect cargo from wind and moisture damage. Many companies that ship freight require tarps on a load before it can leave the loading docks. You can place a tarp on top of car... Read More »

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How do I cover firewood with a tarp?

Prepare the WoodPrepare the firewood to cover with a tarp by stacking it neatly, leaving at least 1 inch of clearance between the stack and the wall or fence. Well organized firewood takes up less ... Read More »

How to Cover a Boat With a Tarp?

When the boat is docked and you are away it is a good idea to keep the boat covered, especially if it is a non-cabin or roof boat. A tarp serves this purpose, preventing rain and sediment from gett... Read More »

Should I cover wood with a tarp?

On One Hand: Dry Firewood Burns More EfficientlyCovering the top of your firewood stack with a tarp will let the wood dry out while preventing it from getting wet. Because firewood needs less than ... Read More »

How to Cover a Roof Leak With a Tarp?

The purpose of a roof is to seal the upper exterior of a building so that rainwater does not damage the interior of the home. Small amounts of water can cause large problems with mold, mildew, rott... Read More »