How to Cover Up a Scab on the Face?

Answer Having a scab on your face can be frustrating. Whether the scab is from an old pimple or a wound, scabs can make anyone feel self-conscious in a social situation and can distract from the beauty of... Read More »

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Scab on my face, need it gone fast! CAN SOMEONE HELP!?

Everysinle time it has a scab peel it off carefully just tearing off the scab and notMore skin it speeds up the healing process by it having to be making another scan and sometimes people could hav... Read More »

I wounded my face and accidently peeled off half the scab, is there anyway to prevent scarring?

gently rub a small amount of vaseline into the area, I found this helped mine & it did not scar. good luck

HELP!!! i had a pimple on my nose...yeah i picked at it and then it formed a scab...the scab?

cover it up with some neosporin and a bandage and stay in your house for the next 2 months while it heals

How to Cover Age Spots on the Face?

Age spots---also known as solar lentigos, liver spots or sun spots---appear on the face as a result of sun damage, an upswing in melanin production as you grow older, changes in the liver's ability... Read More »