How to Cover Up Stretch Marks?

Answer How do you cover up stretch marks? Find out the best way for you to cover up stretch marks, and how to prevent more in the future. Does this Spark an idea?

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Can a tattoo cover stretch marks?

On One Hand: Tattoos Can be Placed AnywhereTattoos can be placed anywhere, including over a birth mark, another tattoo, or even stretch marks. People have been known to tattoo their tongue and even... Read More »

How to Use Makeup to Cover Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur on the skin with rapid growth or weight gain. Anyone who experiences a period of fast growth, including adolescents during puberty or weight lifters, may find stretch marks stre... Read More »

How to Cover Up Stretch Marks on Your Hips?

Stretch marks are embarrassing no matter where they are. When you have stretch marks on your hips, wearing a two-piece bathing suit or even looking at your body in the mirror can be upsetting. Howe... Read More »

Ways to Cover Stretch Marks?

It is sometimes impossible to reduce stretch marks by the time we are ready to show some skin, so we instead need to find a way to cover the marks. From wearing appropriate clothing to covering str... Read More »