How to Cover Scratches on Your Car?

Answer Small scratches on cars are a common occurrence. It is possible to repair the scratch yourself and avoid the expense of taking your car to the body shop. Repairing a scratch may be as easy as apply... Read More »

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How to Remove Scratches From a Headlight Cover?

Removing headlight scratches depends on their severity. Light ones can easily be removed with a headlight polishing kit. That might not work for deeper scratches and pits, which may require a pro... Read More »

How do I cover up scratches on kitchen appliances?

Stainless Steel AppliancesSpray a small amount of all purpose, non-scratch cleaning spray on the scratch. Rub the scratch with a fine-grain cleaning pad in one direction. The scratch will fade and ... Read More »

Do screen protectors cover up existing scratches?

At any retail store that sells iPhone cases, so generally everywhere. Wal-Mart would be the best place to look, as well as places like Target, Meijers, Sam's Club, etc., and most malls have stores/... Read More »

How to Use Crayons to Cover Scratches in Wood Furniture?

Do you have multiple scratches in your ancient but gorgeous wood furniture piece? Then grab your crayons, because here you can learn how to fix those scrapes.