How to Cover Red Marks on the Face?

Answer Red marks on the face may be the result of blemishes, scarring, burns, bites or birthmarks.The key to covering red marks is the right cosmetic concealer, corrector and technique. A green-toned corr... Read More »

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How to Cover Pox Marks?

Having pox marks on your face and body can make you insecure and affect your self-esteem. Chickenpox, for instance, can appear all over your body. The blister-like spots break open and eventually f... Read More »

How to Cover Track Marks?

Track marks are unsightly areas of damage caused by intravenous drug use. The site of a needle injection may become swollen or infected, especially if the skin is abused by repetitive injections. T... Read More »

How to Cover Up Stretch Marks?

How do you cover up stretch marks? Find out the best way for you to cover up stretch marks, and how to prevent more in the future. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Cover Birth Marks?

While some find birthmarks cute, others simply wish them gone. With advances in technology, laser treatments, which are used to fade birthmarks, have become readily available. However, if you do no... Read More »