How to Cover Love Bites?

Answer Love bites can be embarrassing, because most people know what they look like and won't take alternative excuses for the truth. A love bite can occur just about anywhere on the body, but on the neck... Read More »

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How to get rid of love bites?

Hello Holly,How To Remove a Hickey?Before I come to the methods which can help speed up the recovery, it is to be known that, the higher up on the body this bruise is, the more chances are there fo... Read More »

How do u get tid of love bites?

You`ll have to wait until they tade....sorry fade.

What insurance will cover dog bites?

I am a licensed insurance agent; licensed in 45 states for 16 years. I sell animal liability insurance and have extensive insurance experience. First, a dog bite will never be covered if you buy i... Read More »

Are love bites dangerous?

The only danger I can think of Honey, is if your partner spots them and he did not produce them. Medically they are totally harmless, and effectively simply a superficial bruise.