How to Cover Gray Hair with Herbal Remedies?

Answer Hair color is produced by a tiny pigment within the hair follicles called melanocytes. As you age, this pigmentation declines, and any new hair growing in will be without color, or gray. If you're... Read More »

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How to Cover Black & Gray Hair With Blond?

As you age, your hair may begin to become speckled with gray. Eventually, all your hair may turn gray or white. Many women (and men) prefer to dye their hair blond as they begin to gray. This is be... Read More »

How to Cover Gray With Highlights of Light Brown Hair?

Brown highlights can be added to the hair to cover gray, making the hair color more uniform and youthful-looking. Chosen in the correct shade, brown highlights not only cover gray hairs but also gi... Read More »

How to Cover Gray Hair With Henna for African-American Women?

Henna is a plant that contains lawsone, a reddish-orange pigment. Henna has been used for thousands of years as a hair dye and conditioner. Henna does cover grey hair, yielding tones ranging from s... Read More »

Herbal Supplements to Get Rid of Gray Hair?

Unless you can pull it off like Sean Connery, you probably don't relish the idea of going gray. There are many natural and chemical options for treating gray hair. The most popular and effective he... Read More »